NLLEA Conference - 2022

National Liquor Law Enforcement Association

35th Annual Conference

Building Trust Among Stakeholders for Safer Communities

Sheraton Hotel at Station Square Pittsburgh, PA

September 26-28 2022



Welcome to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I want to thank members and friends of the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association for joining us for the 35th Annual Conference.

Myself, John Yeomans, Past President, Delaware, Tom Kirby, Vice President, Virginia, Israel Morrow, Secretary Treasurer, North Carolina, James Diana, Sgt.-at-Arms, Delaware, and Carrie Christofes, Executive Director, enjoy and take pride in serving you as the executive board. 

This year we established the Professional Development Committee, the members of this committee were nominated by their perspective organizations and represent regulators of alcohol enforcement with a variety of years of experience and geographic areas throughout the nation. These individuals provide a valuable perspective to serve our interests throughout the year and in coordinating this conference. I want to thank these folks for sharing their time, knowledge, and skills to make us better.

Being able to share this time together gives us the opportunity to not only improve our profession but to create relationships. The relationships we have established and continue to establish are critical to the role our organization plays in the proactive and reactive law enforcement process.

To continue promoting relationships please join us for the President’s Reception Monday evening where we will acknowledge and honor the 2022 award recipients.

We are very proud and appreciative of the instructors that have joined us this week and are committed to supporting and improving our profession.  I encourage you to take advantage of as many presentations and networking opportunities as possible.

The city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas offer a variety of entertainment from sporting events, to the casino and night life venues. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a Board or Professional Development Committee member.

Thank you for this great experience as a board member and one of the highlights of my career.

Todd M. Merlina

Todd M. Merlina, President

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