NLLEA Conference - 2002

The 2002 NLLEA Conference was held August 24-28 in Cleveland, Ohio. Deputy Director Ed Duvall Jr., Assistant Deputy Director, Gary Sullivan, and the entire staff of the Ohio Investigative Unit did an excellent job hosting the conference. The President’s Reception was well attended on Sunday evening, and on Monday morning the Greater Cleveland Pipe and Drum Band contributed to a beautiful and moving opening ceremony that included a high-tech slide show that set the conference off on the right note. Conference attendees were then treated to many excellent presentations on a variety of topics pertaining to liquor law enforcement and were able to attend a variety of social events and networking opportunities. Some of the conference highlights included:

  • Andrew Evans of the Ohio Investigative Unit set up a Firearms Training System and allowed conference participants to interact in scenarios specifically designed to simulate real life liquor law enforcement settings;
  • Wendy Hamilton, President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, gave a presentation on the impact of drunk driving in the United States and highlighted new areas in which liquor law enforcement agencies and MADD can work together;
  • Rich Cologie of the Ohio Investigative Unit gave a summary of their award winning Sober Truth program and Harold Torrens (2001 NLLEA  Agent of the Year) provided an overview of the Ohio Investigative Unit’s criminal investigations into charitable gambling groups;
  • Jim Mosher and Bob Reynolds, both from the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, provided summaries of effective responsible beverage service programs and media advocacy, respectively;
  • The Hancock County Community Partnership conducted a Socratic dialogue on underage drinking and youth access to alcohol, allowing participants to ask questions of the panel and get involved in quite heated discussions;
  • Jim Wright of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Tom Murphy of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, each provided updates on the partnerships between their agencies and the NLLEA
  • Dr. Stephen Douglas told four entertaining stories designed to help participants learn what is important in life, or as conference participants learned… “don’t sweat the small stuff;”
  • Glen Cox provided an overview of technology in the area of audio intelligence devices; and
  • Lenny Lamkin of the American Medical Association gave examples of how the AMA’s Reducing Underage Drinking Through Coalitions project has successfully worked with law enforcement to prevent underage drinking and build stronger communities.

In addition, a number of conference attendees attended the Cleveland Indians ballgame on Monday evening, and on Wednesday afternoon there was a private tour of Jacobs field.  Overall, the conference was a huge success, with the conference attendees receiving extensive information and multiple opportunities to learn about liquor law enforcement strategies from the United States and Canada.

The NLLEA would like to thank Jerry Jividen and Gary Sullivan for contributing the above photographs.